Zapier Integration Overview

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Zapier integration enables you to connect SharpSpring to hundreds of apps, including dozens of CRMs, without the need for a programmer. We’ve opened up the SharpSpring app to allow access to Accounts, Campaigns, Opportunities and Leads using Zapier triggers. In this guide, we’ll introduce the Zapier integration then you can get started Zapping!

Introduction to Zapier

Zapier is a powerful and complex tool that may take some time to truly understand. Hit the ground running by reading How it Works and exploring possibilities by looking through the ZapBook.


In order to connect SharpSpring to Zapier you’re going to need API credentials. To access these credentials, head on over to the “settings” section and click on “API Settings” in the left side panel.

Next, click here to generate your API keys.

Log in to Zapier and click “Make a Zap”. Select SharpSpring as the application you wish to use and enter your new API credentials in the popup:

After you have entered your credentials, try clicking “test credentials” to make sure it works.

SharpSpring Triggers

New Lead: The New Lead trigger will activate every time a Lead object is created inside of SharpSpring. Leads are  the main unit of operation in SharpSpring and result from imports, form fill-outs, external CRM integrations, etc. This trigger includes all custom fields associated with your account, so its uses are endless.

New Opportunity: The New Opportunity trigger will activate every time an Opportunity object is created inside of SharpSpring. Opportunities represent potential deals inside of the CRM and are now available for integration with external CRMs. Filtering opportunities by “deal stage” or sending an message to a sales manager when an opportunity closes are just some of the ways this trigger can be used.

New Account: The New Account trigger will activate every time an Account object is created inside of CRM. An Account represents a company associated with a potential deal in the CRM. This allows you to pass CRM data to an external CRM system.

New Campaign: The New Campaign trigger will activate every time a Campaign object is created inside of SharpSpring. A Campaign is used to track marketing campaigns and is useful for calculating end-to-end ROI.

New Email Open Event: The New Email Open Event trigger will activate every time a lead either opens an email. This trigger provides basic lead information and the title of the email that they have opened.

New Page Visit Event: The New Page Visit Event trigger will activate every time a lead visits a page of your website. Have caution with this trigger, as it may happen quite often! Make sure you don’t waste all of your API usages. A correct implementation of this trigger would involve filtering only those events which fit a certain URL criteria.

SharpSpring Actions​

SharpSpring passes both URLs and referring URLs, which should allow a whole new class of integrations based on lead browsing behavior.

Create/Update Lead: The Create/Update Lead action allows you to create a SharpSpring lead from any Zapier application. If a lead already exists in SharpSpring with the given email address, that lead will be updated! Feel free to set any custom fields as well We expect this action to be the bread-and-butter of the Zapier integration.

Important: this action integrates with the SharpSpring rule engine via “has the field” triggers. Just create a task in SharpSpring with a “has the field” trigger. Any field that is updated through Zapier will execute workflows through SharpSpring this way.

Create/Update Opportunity: The Create/Update Opportunity action allows you to create a potential deal inside of SharpSpring. If an opportunity with the specified name already exists, it will update inside of SharpSpring. You can associate the opportunity with any existing accounts and campaigns by selecting from a drop down menu. Alternatively, you can create and associate a custom account/campaign on the fly by simply specifying the name.

Create Account: The Create Account action falls along the same line as the Create Opportunity action. This will allow your sales team to import accounts to the CRM.

Create Campaign: The Create Campaign action allows you to import your marketing campaigns from external services into the CRM, allowing you to keep track of your end-to-end ROI.

What Will You Build?

The sky's the limit for your company’s SharpSpring-Zapier integration. Let us know what you plan on building by sending an email to! 

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