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Modified on: 2014-11-05 11:12:24 -0600

The Visibility area of the Publish module gives you the option to make a page public, password protected, or completely private.


  • Public – The page will be visible to everyone.
  • Protected – The page is protected with a password you set. Only people who have the password can view a protected page.
  • Private – Pages are only visible to blog Editors and Administrators. Private pages are not visible in the Reader, feeds, or in any search. A page can be private without being password protected.

Here’s an example of how to set a password protected page:


WordPress will prompt you for the password on your initial visit to a protected page. After entering the password that first time, we’ll securely store the password with the browser you viewed it with so you won’t have to enter it again.

Private Blog

Selecting private hides the content of your post but it is possible for your post to still be found by Google. If you’d like to make your entire blog private, you’ll need to adjust your Privacy Settings.

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