Adding Photo Galleries

Modified on: 2014-11-14 13:07:36 -0600

After you create a gallery and upload your images, you may now add your gallery to a page or blog post.

1) Go to your page or blog post and click the Insert Gallery Window [green icon] in the text edit toolbar


2) A pop up window will appear, here you can select your display type (i.e. Slideshow, Thumbnail Gallery, Imagebrowser, Tagcloud, or Album):


3) Next, click the ‘What would you like to display’ tab and select the gallery you wish to display



4) Next you may move forward and adjust the gallery settings for this gallery (these are unique settings for this gallery only. Global settings are set under Gallery >> Gallery Settings) under ‘Customize the display settings’, and under ‘Sort or Exclude’.

5) When you are finished, click ‘save’ and the gallery will be added within your post as a thumbnail preview, like this:



6) You’re finished! Go ahead and click publish or update on your post/page.  If you need to manage or edit your gallery click once on the thumbnail and the Insert Gallery Window will reappear.

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