Listings - How Is The Listing Score Calculated?

Modified on: 2014-11-14 14:09:20 -0600

The Listing Score is a more precise indicator of a business’s presence online and will increase as one uses Vendasta’s software to fix incorrect listings, or as listings are corrected manually online. The new Listing Score, which will be released on September 29th, will be calculated as follows: 

Listing Score: 40% of Presence, 60% Accuracy

A lower Accuracy Score is given to listings with partially correct information, while vital contact information such as business name and phone number are weighted heavier in the equation. Below are the weights given to each piece of NAP Data: 

Business Name - 30% (If wrong = 0, If partial match = 20%)
Address - 10%
City - 10%
State - 5%
Zip/Postal Code - 5% 
Phone Number - 30%
Website - 10%

Presence Score: Number of Listings Found / Number of Sources Monitored

Accuracy Score: Number of Accurate Listings / Number of Listings Found

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