Listings - What Is The Difference Between Relaxed Vs. Strict Visibility Settings?

Modified on: 2014-11-14 14:14:27 -0600

Relaxed Visibility means that online listings will be marked as “Found” when an exact match is found AND when a close match is found. Close matches include commonly abbreviated terms, for example “St.” instead of “Street”, or “Cres.” instead of “Crescent”. The system will also verify if the listing’s top level domain is correct (i.e., without looking at specific URL paths ( The Relaxed setting is fine for most situations, but for optimal SEO businesses should choose Strict Visibility.

Strict Visibility means that online listings will be marked as “Found” only when an exact match is discovered. Close matches will not be accepted. The system will mark a listing as “Found With Possible Errors” if it is listed as “ABC St.” instead of “ABC Street”, or “XYZ Cres.” instead of “XYZ Crescent”. The full URL must be correct as well. Strict Visibility is optimal for SEO.

All new partners are set to Strict Visibility by default. If you wish to change to Relaxed Visibility, please contact your Account Executive at VendAsta.

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