Listings - How And When Do Listings Get Added?

Modified on: 2014-11-14 14:15:34 -0600

Once a profile has been created, the anchor data added and the sources defined: The scrapers start to look for listing on the selected sources immediately. A source may return several matches at which point the best match criteria is used to determine which (if any) of the listing are the correct listing for the profile. This runs every 24 hours for the first 7 days after the profile or source is added. After 7 days, the scrapers will check for new listings every 7 days.

Listings are then automatically scheduled to re-scraped every 30 days. Re-scraping can also be triggered for listings whenever a user logs in to their Reputation Intelligence account, the login will only trigger a re-scrape once in a day. If a re-scrape is triggered by a login, the schedule for the next re-scrape is updated to re-scrape 30 days after.

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