Mentions - What Is A Mention?

Modified on: 2014-11-14 14:21:59 -0600

A mention can be any piece of content that we retrieve that matches your search criteria, including a blog post, Tweet, forum post, comment, photo, or news article.

The Overview page under Mentions allows your customers to

  • See all the unstructured chatter about a given business location on the Internet — blogs, social media sites, news sites, images etc.
  • See the overall sentiment — positive, negative, neutral — for your mentions
  • Edit the searches to monitor for Mentions

The Search page under Mentions allows your customers to:

  • Browse all the mentions a business location has received
  • See the sentiment of each of those mentions, and make adjustments in case it has been incorrectly identified
  • Filter searches by individual search terms, mentions sources, or sentiment


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