Mentions - How Do I Edit Searches Under Mentions?

Modified on: 2014-11-14 14:22:13 -0600

This will allow you to edit the search keywords Reputation Intelligence uses to find mentions for a given business. You will also be able to fine-tune the sentiment engine to ensure that it applies the correct “positive, negative, neutral” sentiments to certain kinds of mentions.

Editing Search Settings for Mentions:

  1. From Partner Central click Accounts and search for the business you would like to edit. 
  • Click Impersonate for that business
  • Click on the Mentions tab
  • Click Edit Searches to reveal the settings
  • Add or edit searches here as required


    • Searches can be filtered according to phrases that the search must include,must not include, or those that should be an exact match. It is important to use these qualifiers in order to get the best results.
    • Be sure to enter all variations of the company name as separate search terms. A phrase within the search box that is encapsulated by quotes will be read as anexact match phrase. E.g. “Coke or Pepsi” will find only the phrase, not the individual words.
    • For Twitter searches, the system always looks for an exact match. You don’t need to include phrases within quotes to enable that.

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