Mentions - Can I Change Sentiment Value? I Have A Mention That Is Shown As Negative But It Isn’t. How Do I Correct It?

Modified on: 2014-11-14 14:24:20 -0600

Occasionally our sentiment analysis engine may attribute the wrong sentiment to a mention for a host of possible reasons. For example, if someone says, “This burger is sick!” it could get flagged as a negative mention even though colloquially it means that the burger is great.

To correct such errors, you can manually adjust the rating by moving the slider left or right. When you make such adjustments, our system ‘learns’ and becomes more accurate in identifying the sentiment in comments about you.

  1. Visit the Mentions tab of Reputation Intelligence
  2. Under Mentions - Search, click search
  3. This will take you to the list of all the mentions that were found based on your search settings, as well as the sentiment scale for each of them
  4. Here, if you find a mention you think is incorrectly identified as being a positive, negative, or neutral mention, you can modify the sentiment using the scale to the right.
    • Once you perform these modifications, our sentiment analysis engine will learn from your changes and try to provide more accurate assessments in the future

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