Competition - Why Isn't Share Of Voice Working For Me?

Modified on: 2014-11-14 14:29:08 -0600

There could be a number a reasons for this:

  1. Your search terms for Share of Voice may have been set up incorrectly. Click onedit services and competitors and ensure that the search terms under Search Engine Share of Voice include your industry (e.g. "restaurant") and location ("New York City")
  2. Data is entered in incorrect fields or is missing. Ensure that the name of your business appears in the field labelled Business and at least one competitor is listed under Competitors
  3. Perhaps the search terms you have entered are too general. If you own a pizzeria in New York you might have a 0% Share Of Voice for "Restaurant + New York" but a significantly higher share for "Pizza + New York"
  4. Check if the company name you have entered is too specific. If you enter your business name as "Andrea's New York Style Pizzeria", the “Share of Voice” will search for mentions where those exact words appear. You might have more luck searching for "Andrea's Pizzeria" or just "Andrea's".

Try experimenting with the above options until you find a combination that returns useful results.

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