Adding Placeholder Text to a SharpSpring Form

Modified on: 2014-11-14 14:54:13 -0600

SharpSpring enables you to include placeholder text in fields on a SharpSpring form. Placeholder text is a HTML5 feature that gives the person filling out a form a short hint describing the expected value of a specific form field. It's used to provide instructions on how to fill out a field on a form. For example, a field may have a statement like "Click here to enter your name."

(Note: This process does take some knowledge of HTML and CSS)

Here are the changes you will need to make in your form embed code and in your CSS.

Form Embed Code

In the embed code for the form generated by SharpSpring you will need to modify the section that reads “// ss_form.hidden = {’Company’: ’Anon’}” and change everything within the brackets from ‘Company’: ‘Anon’ to ‘_usePlaceholders’: 1.In full, the correct line would read: // ss_form.hidden = {’_usePlaceholders’: 1}.CSSAfter making changes to the HTML, you need to make the following changes to the line in the form labeling area on the CSS.label { display: none; }
picklist label { display: block; }

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