How to User Referral Fields

Modified on: 2014-11-14 14:54:33 -0600

Let your visitors help you get in touch with new leads with SharpSpring’s Referral Fields!

Adding Referral Fields to a Form

Step 1 - Create a SharpSpring form 

For more on this step, please see: How to Create a Form

Step 2 - Add in the Referral Fields options you wish to include for the referred person’s contact profile

Note: you can tell which fields are Referral Fields by checking for the “forward” icon to the right of the field.

Step 3 - Embed your form onto your site as you would any SharpSpring form.  An example of how referrals can be used for a contest is below!

Once this form is submitted successfully, two separate profiles will be created in SharpSpring!  Also keep in mind that only the first person will be matched with a tracking ID because they were actively visiting the site.  It is a very good idea to reach out to referred leads quickly via email so we can begin tracking them as well!

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