Changing the From Email Name and Address

Modified on: 2014-11-14 15:00:16 -0600

SharpSpring enables you to change the from email name and address in an email. ​The following video will show you how to change the from email name and address in SharpSpring. However, if you prefer, a written step-by-step guide is available below the video for your convenience. ​

Step-by-Step Guide on how to Change the From Email Name and Address 

Step 1: Click on "Content" in the top navigation bar.

Step 2: Select "Emails" in the drop down menu.

Step 3: Choose the email that you would like to edit. You can edit an existing email by hovering over the email. Then clicking on the green icon, which looks like a wrench.

Step 4: When you look at the email, the first thing you should see is the “Subject Line." This is the first box that you can enter text.

Step 5: Click the “down” arrow, which is to the immediate right of the subject line. This will reveal the “From Name” and “From Email” editor.

Step 6: Enter the desired "From Name" and "From Email" in the fields provided

Step 7: Click the green “Save Changes" button on the right side of the email editor.

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