RB Controls & eCommerce FAQ

Modified on: 2021-04-01 15:11:14 -0500

  • Q: How does the Integration work?
  • A: The eCommerce site connects to RB Controls to download updates to Inventory Status, Price,

  • Q: How long does setup take?
  • A: Once your eCommerce site is built and RB controls Web Services API is made available to us we can have the integration available in 1-3 business days.

  • Q: What is required to get RB Controls integrated with my eCommerce site?
  • A: Any of Small Screen Producer's eCommerce sites & the RB Controls Web Services premium feature upgrade

  • Q: Is my data and my customer data secure?
  • A: Yes. Our eCommerce sites receive monthly maintenance to update them from the latest security vulnerabilities. They are all protected by an SSL certificate to encrypt and protect you and your customers data. We communicated directly with RB controls through a secure connection. 

  • Q: Is my data and my customer data shared with anyone?
  • A: No, none of your data is shared with any other company other than the data necessary to communicate between the eCommerce site and RB Controls.

  • Q: How does this integration help me?
  • A: By enabling this service your eCommerce by eliminating manual data entry and data transfer, reducing human error, and help maintain your customers better.

  • Q: How is the purchase handled
  • A: The eCommerce site connects to your choice of 3rd party credit card merchant services provider and collects and processes the payment. RB Controls is provided the customer data and inventory adjustments.

  • Q: Does this support multiple store inventory
  • A: Not Currently, We are limited by what is available through the RB controls API. We do expect this to be available in about a month.

  • Q: How often are the site and RB Controls updated
  • A:  Our sync is regularly checking for updates from RB Controls. The default time is every 10 minutes. Depending on the amount of updates made to RB Controls this process can take seconds or several minutes to fully update.

  • Q: How are products updated?
  • A: All product updates are based on the SKU found in RB Controls. Our site checks for differences between all the SKUs loaded on your eCommerce site compares them to the same SKU in RB Controls. 

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